Casual brain-hacking, sort of

Back in 2018 June, I got a pretty big downtime of my life, so I had the chance to try out some of the supplements that I’ve been wondering for a while.

Since I have trying out Bulletproof Coffee to boost my productivity. It is nature for me to discover the sector of Nootropics. Simply put, a more dedicate way to mess up your own brain and squeeze some more production out of your mind.

Because I have no biology or chemical degrees, it is not wise to take any pills without understanding it, but really, I don’t even know what are those meats in the hot dog that I had this morning.

The only way to know what it tastes like, left me no choices but to try it out.

Experiencing them on my own.


FLOW state is something I been missed out a lot; Occasionally, hearing this amount Engineer-minded friends, and every person seems all to have their own way to get into it.

Through an over simplified thinking process, my shallow online researching lead me to this chart:

Plus, some institutional-instinct guided me to particular substances, part of the reason was due to the accessibility to these “drugs” in my city, it is not approved by local-FDA but neither being controlled.

After google around these three particular supplements shows up in my notes:

  • 5-HTP
  • GABA
  • L-Tyrosine

Effects, side-effects

5-HTP basically increase your serotonin and makes you feel good for no reason.
GABA makes you dream, like a lot.
L-tyrosine alone boost up both Norepinephrine and Serotonin, and gave this motivation and energetic sense come up in short time.

Some of my note does say some times L-tyrosine triggers paranoid and panic, but also having too much coffee could trigger similar to me, and since I didn’t put up any numbers here, I cannot really justify anything.

On Dosage

Everyone is different, it feels different on different days as well.

Basically I take some notes, and starting from small dose, also took some breaks in between days to see how it really feels. Mediation also helps here to balance out some anxieties. Only change or top-up dosage while your brain and body tells you it’s comfortable.

Usage, integration

Usually, whenever, after wake up and feels like it’s going to be a day require more labors and repeating works, I will take 1 pill of L-Tyrosine before lunch time or commute. This give me some time to prepare the get-ready mind while taking transportation.

At one of those day that I am feeling restless, some time before sleeping, 1 or 2 GABA caps will helps me dream better.

For 5-HTP, I just took them randomly as a mood setter.

But in the end of a day, you need good food and some chill time at your home. Recovering from messing around with your own brain.


While designing my own nootropic stack, it brought me to the awareness of my brain health, which is something far beyond this terribly written post.

Each time when I lower the dosage, and I still felt the same effects(yes, could be placebo), those are moments that I am certain something not balance out in my brain, specifically this lifestyle.

Eventually, everything taste a bit better with some salts, but emotions are information this brain creates to help us surviving, so don’t take any feelings lightly, more precisely not to ignore these data.

Descry of your own brain is fun, especially when it’s not that distant. No matter what I learn from the day, it always feels quite right to put this mind slowly in to quiet.