My every day apps
  • Zim Wiki πŸ”—
    For note taking, daily journal and todo managment
    Works best with Linux Desktop or any system support GTK
    Store in plaintext file, bascially works with any synchronization tools
    To install on MacOS, there is very through guide to check on: Zim_on_Mac_OSX.html

  • Arc App πŸ”—
    For tracking my daily activities
    Works locally
    Supports only iOS for now
    Able to export GPX format
    Able to import your data from Move app
    It’s free and allow freely to donate to the author :)


Collected across Internet galaxy, real handy, that will make bookmark bar meaningful again
  • Copy page title + URL at once πŸ”—
    javascript:prompt('URL info:', document.title+' '+document.location.href+' ');void(0)

  • Convert Simplified Chinese characters to Traditional one πŸ”—
    javascript:(function()%7Bvar s=document.getElementById("tongwenlet_tw");if(s!=null)%7Bdocument.body.removeChild(s);%7Dvar s=document.createElement("script");s.language="javascript";s.type="text/javascript";s.src="";"tongwenlet_tw";document.body.appendChild(s); %7D)();

  • List all images πŸ”—
    javascript:Ai7Mg6P='';for (i7M1bQz=0;i7M1bQz<document.images.length;i7M1bQz++){Ai7Mg6P+='<img src='+document.images[i7M1bQz].src+'><br>'};if(Ai7Mg6P!=''){document.write('<center>'+Ai7Mg6P+'</center>');void(document.close())}else{alert('No images!')}